Abstract Submission

Participants who wish to give either an oral or poster presentation are requested to submit an abstract for review by the Committee. Abstracts will be evaluated in terms of content, significance, originality and thematic relevance. The acceptance will be informed within a month.

To submit your Abstract for the oral/poster presentation, please provide the information below. All fields with * are required for submission. Please submit your Abstract before the January 10th deadline. Please contact letsgall.taiwan@gmail.com should you have any questions or concerns.

Note: Please submit your Abstract as a Word Document, following the Abstract format below.

Abstract format

Authors may choose to submit their material in the form either of an abstract for oral presentation or a poster. The Abstract file should contain Title, Authors, Abstract Text and Key words. (Abstract Example)

  • TITLE: Abstract titles should not contain abbreviations. The title should be no more than 20 words.
  • AUTHORS: Please list all authors for this research. Author presentation requirements are: Author(s) name(s) (First name + surname) annotated with a footnote at the front for reference of institutions (including city and country) and email addresses. Please also underline the presenter.
  • ABSTRACT TEXT: The following guidelines should be followed
    • Abstracts must be submitted in English.
    • Abstract text should not exceed 300 words.
    • The abstract must be structured to include the following four sections: Aims, Methods, Results and Conclusions.
    • Graphs, Tables, References, credits or grant support should not be included.
  • KEY WORDS: Six key words in maximum.

Paper Submission for Proceedings

The proceedings will be published by the Taiwan Entomological Society as a special issue of its journal “Formosan Entomologist”. Papers must be formatted according to Formosan Entomologist format, using the same rules for paper submission (http://entsocjournal.yabee.com.tw/EnglishList.aspx for Author Guidelines). Papers will be reviewed by the Committee of the Taiwan Entomological Society. Accepted papers must be presented (oral or poster) by one of the paper’s authors, at the symposium site, and according to the final schedule. Speakers who would like to contribute a complete written version of the paper for the proceedings will be required to submit it by March 3, 2018. Early electronic submission to the journal editor are encouraged and please indicate it as a gall symposium paper.

Note: Please submit your Paper as a Word Document.

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